Poems about Adoption Best and Beauty full Adoption Poems

Poems about Adoption
Poems about Adoption

One of the most critical roles parents play in their adopted child’s growth is to provide a healthy environment in which the child may flourish and be loved. In this world, there will always be people who hate or ridicule those who choose. However, when parents raise their adopted children to be loving and protective of them, it is not always an easy process. For some families, this can be as simple as sending children to friends’ homes instead of homes they had never even heard of or letting them go to friends’ homes and be picked up by strangers. One of the biggest benefits of an adopted child is that when his or her parents are away, the child will have plenty of time for the growth that is the foundation to who he or she is today. If the parents are gone, the child will likely spend his/her downtime looking at the pictures of the other children of his/her adoptive parents who were adopted to the same family.

While we know there are many reasons that are contributing to the separation in families and individuals, let’s look at some of the biggest issues that parents can contribute.

It Is Hard To Be Happy with Your Children, If You Don’t Have a Parent

One of the most common myths is that children are born happy and happy is when their parents are happy. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. People are born happy, the only “hard part of the process is parenting. However, if you’re unable or unwilling to parent, even to the point of not caring enough to support a child’s happiness – that might just be the starting point for trouble.

What makes divorce, or any other social condition that comes with children, problematic is that it is very difficult on a very short timeline for a person to be able to care for you and your children for the long haul.

For example, in 2008, a mother and her husband who were separated for over five years spent a tremendous amount of money, time, and energy in the court of love. She spent a year in therapy and spent countless hours with him, and a year after that she tried to divorce but he refused to see the psychiatrist.

Poems about Adoption
Poems about Adoption

Growing Up With Grandma, poems About Adoption

I don’t know when it happened.
I don’t know when she came,
But she’s the one I always knew.
Grandma was her name.

She taught me how to tie my shoes.
She taught me how to talk,
And though I can’t remember,
I think she taught me how to walk.

When all the other kids in school
Would talk about Mom and Dad,
I wondered where my parents were;
That made me kinda sad.

And sometimes there were days I’d cry
Or hide my head in shame.
But Grandma took it all in stride
And loved me all the same.

She’d wrap her arms around me
And kiss me on the head.
She’d tell me that she loved me
When she tucked me into bed.

Being a teen, I remember the days
When being with friends was more fun.
And I wondered what it would have been like
To actually be someone’s son,

To have a regular family,
Some siblings, a mom, and a dad.
What had I done to deserve less than others?
Sometimes I felt so mad.

“It’s alright, it’s okay,” Grandma would say.
“One day you’ll understand why.
Life just isn’t fair to everyone, you see.
It’s always okay to cry.”

And when I went off to college,
I met the love of my life.
It was Grandma who was the first I told
That I planned to make her my wife.

Soon after I’d become a father,
For that I could hardly wait.
To have a child of my very own,
And to make my Grandma a “Great.”

A little girl to share her name,
For all that she’d given me.
So much I owed to Grandma.
That was plain to see.

As time passed and life grew short
I hoped my Grandma knew
That it was her love and her support
That always got me through.

If I could tell her one more thing,
“Thanks Grandma,” is what I ‘d say,
“For loving me and making me
The man I am today.”

Adoption Birth Mother Poems Written by Birth Mothers

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Adoption Birth Mother Poems about a Birth Mother’s Love

o a mother I never knew,

From a son who desperately misses you.


There were so many times I would imagine you,

But you would never appear.


And there were so many times I would cry for you,

Tear after tear.


I have even begged for you,

On both knees,

To please come save me, Mama,

Please, please, please.


And even as the years passed by,

I would never lose hope,

Because it was hope

That kept this little boy afloat.


I would daydream about the moment

When I would finally meet you,

And how I would cry and be speechless

Just to finally see you.


With my own two eyes,

Exactly how I had dreamed,

Angelic and beautiful

And as loving as you seemed.


But I’m all grown up now

With a son of my own,

And I try to give to him

What I’ve always wanted in a home.


I teach my son,

From the lessons that I’ve learned.

I teach him that love can’t be bought,

It can only be earned.


I’ve learned that sometimes love

Is so much harder to show than to say.

That’s how I know you truly loved me, Mama,

Because you’re not here with me today.


I can only imagine

The selfless love that it took

To say goodbye to your child

And take one last look.


To let him go,

In hopes that he can live a better life.

The pain must’ve felt

Like a dull serrated knife.


I miss you every day, Mama,

And I hope to see you soon.

But if not,

Then I’ll see you in my dreams tomorrow afternoon


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